The spokesperson of the Government of Kosovo, Përparim Kryeziu, announced that the institutions of the state of Kosovo have faced cyber attacks in recent days, which came from abroad, but for the moment the situation is stable – the internet service as well as other services online and web pages are functional.

Në një postim në Facebook, Kryeziu ka thënë se sulmi kibernetik nuk ka depërtuar brenda infrastrukturës se rrjetit kompjuterik shtetëror pasi që është bllokuar nga pajisjet përkatëse të sigurisë.

It has been identified that the cyber attack came from outside Kosovo and the target was the IP where several web pages of the Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo were published. – Perparim Kryeziu

The Information Society Agency, namely the cyber security team, has undertaken concrete actions in order to overcome this cyber attack and return the Internet service to function.

At the moment, the situation is stable – the internet service as well as other online services and websites are functional and accessible, Kryeziu said.

The cyber security team at ASHI will continue to monitor the security of government services and systems and will take the necessary measures for their smooth operation and security, he added.

Otherwise, yesterday and today, there have been problems from time to time with the Internet service in the Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. /Telegraph/

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