The European Banking Authority (EBA) said its email servers had been compromised in a cyber attack.

The EBA, which is the European Union’s main financial regulator, said it has taken additional security measures to “restore the full functionality” of the servers. “At this stage, the EBA’s email infrastructure has been secured and our analysis suggests that no data has been leaked. We have no indication that the attack has gone beyond our email servers,” the EBA said in a statement.Like many businesses and governments, they use the servers of the American company Microsoft Exchange for their e-mail. Microsoft, since last week, has announced about the big cyber attack. The tech firm has said it believes a Chinese state-sponsored attacker, called Hafnium, is behind it.

Beijing has denied any involvement.Bejing Government

Calling the attack an “active threat,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that the vulnerability of Microsoft Exchange servers “could have major impacts.” “Everyone who works with these servers – governments, private sectors, academia – must act now to fix them,” said Psaki. /REL/

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